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Safety is the number one concern for any company seriously involved in food or drink processing. Since its setup NEW SEVEGEP has always been investing on safety in various ways: new equipment, training, new procedures, research etc. On 2004, the company was awarded the HACCP certificate, and soon after, the ISO22000. Yet, the company's concerns go far beyond awards and certificates. Every day, we do our best to secure healthy products. Our processing plants currently meet and often exceed the strictest European hygiene standards. We regularly have our machinery maintained by Tetra Pak's own engineers for maximum safety.

Today NEW SEVEGEP produces and packs more than 30 juice varieties under brands. An amazing range of pure fruit juices, nectars and fruit drinks that fit all individual needs. What's more, the company is always ready to discuss the production of special blends and flavors to satisfy the special needs of specific target markets.

Another secret to our success is the company's strong commitment to prompt and reliable delivery deadlines. To say the truth, we feel a bit lucky; Thanks to the island's ideal geographical position, shipment and transportation is much easier and therefore more reliable.

The Company has all the necessary equipment and know-how to export its products according to specific national legislations and market specifications, either under its own brand names or using the clients' own labels. NEW SEVEGEP is also flexible and ready to secure the best trading terms with its clients for a mutual and long lasting benefit.