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Our Story

Our juices are even tastier when accompanied with a slice of our success story.

NEW SEVEGEP was established in 1972 at the edge of Cyprus’ biggest citrus growing area, the Morfou plain.  Almost 40 years after, NEW SEVEGEP has many reasons to feel proud of its track. The small co-operative of the 70’s is today one of the most reliable European juice processors. The insignificant fruit canner has grown to a huge manufacturer of fruit juices, canned fruits, and related by-products. The small local supplier of canned fruit today exports its products to many European, Middle East and Asian countries. The one-label manufacturer and supplier is now exporting fruit juice, fruit drinks, nectars and other related products under a variety of private labels.

Hard work, vision and dedication to sound principles have established NEW SEVEGEP as one of the most serious companies in its field of activities. No wonder why the company’s market share in Sweden, for many years, has been bigger than any other foreign competitor’s.  Some reasons of our success constitute the company’s main flags: Safety, variety, reliability and flexibility.